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A & P – Expanse EP

Newcomers Aboriginal & Phonic explode onto the scene with their debut Expanse EP, out this spring on Lifestyle Music. This EP sees the young London lads serve up four slices of sophisticated steppers, with a sound mature and refined for producers so new to the game. Showcasing deep and rich low end, hard-hitting kicks, tight snares and percussion, this release is one for the tech heads, and sure to thrust A+P into the dnb spotlight.

20 March 2018 News Read more

Klinical – Africa

Returning to the label after last years huge debut release ‘Science / Rotate’ which saw major support from Noisia, Zero T, Disprove, and Arkiak to name but a few, Lifestyle is incredibly pleased to introduce the first full EP from young producer Klinical.

26 February 2018 News Read more

Lifestyle Music presents: Culture 001

2017 was a formative year for Lifestyle, our reach as a label grew massively, and we had some absolutely stellar releases of the highest quality drum & bass. Through this, we’ve settled onto a ‘sound’ that has been fairly consistent throughout our recent catalogue…

14 February 2018 News Read more

Mean Teeth – Gutterfunk ft. Kerizma MC [Remix Competition]

Three years strong since the last Lifestyle Music release was offered to the public to be sliced, diced, flipped, reversed, turned inside out or upside down, and whatever you want! All we know is that we can certainly say these are exciting times for us and it’s great to see all the different forms one track can take.

22 December 2017 News Read more

Black Barrel lands Event Horizon

We’re having a busy time right now, all sorts going on, but a massive thing to have happened was the release of the ‘Event Horizon EP’ from Russian producer Black Barrel.

25 September 2017 News Read more

Klinical Debut Release

It’s been a while since we’ve written one of these, so apologies for that first of all, and expect us to be a lot more on the case! With great pleasure we present to you the debut single of Klinical A.K.A Dan Paget, a young up and comer in the scene originally from Melksham and now reigning from Southampton. A hard-hitting producer with a bright future, subscribed to a modern rolling sound of Drum & Bass, Klinical delivers with his seriously dangerous two track release ‘Science/Rotate.’

28 August 2017 News Read more

Lifestyle Brighton w/ Signal + Support – Halloween 2016 : 29.10.16

Hold onto your pitchforks as the mighty Lifestyle Music return this autumn for a Halloween 2016 hoedown!
On Saturday 29th October, label owners CATHARSIS and PIPER bring the noise back to Brighton’s Komedia for their third hometown label event…

27 September 2016 News Read more

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