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Black Barrel lands Event Horizon

Black Barrel lands Event Horizon

We’re having a busy time right now, all sorts going on, but a massive thing to have happened was the release of the ‘Event Horizon EP’ from Russian producer Black Barrel.

An artist that’s currently hot property, seeing releases with Invisible, Dispatch and Vandal, gave us the out of this world EP, featuring 4 big boy rollers, including ‘Event Hoirzon’, ‘Sandstorm’ ‘Hawking Engine’ and a collab with fellow countryman Nami ‘Cold Touch’.

This EP has already received some huge support and pushed as high at #4 in the Beatport releases charts.

Grab yourself a copy of the EP today: Event Horizon EP

Black Barrel also provided us with a sick Lifestyle MixCast, so go take a listen: Lifestyle MixCast: Black Barrel

25 September 2017 News