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Lifestyle Brighton w/ Signal + Support – Halloween 2016 : 29.10.16

Hold onto your pitchforks as the mighty Lifestyle Music return this autumn for a Halloween 2016 hoedown!
On Saturday 29th October, label owners CATHARSIS and PIPER bring the noise back to Brighton’s Komedia for their third hometown label event…

Don’t miss a trick with Drum & Bass incendiary SIGNAL (Invisible, Critical Music, Dispatch) this fright night. Come celebrate the launch of the ‘Indirect VIP and Lockjaw remix’ 12” coming autumn 2016, following the hugely popular release of Signal’s ‘Indirect / In Motion’ on Lifestyle Music earlier this year.

Hosted by MC’s KERIZMA and LEGACY, catch REVAUX, ARKITECH, and GREY CODE raise the dead with a seriously spooky selection of bangers for all ye dancefloor demons…

SIGNAL [Invsible / Critical / Dispatch]

Support from:

Revaux [Lifestyle / Mindtech]
Arkitech [Lifestyle]
Grey Code [Lifestyle / Demand]
Catharsis [Lifestyle]
Piper [Lifestyle / Capital]

Hosted by Kerizma & Legacy

Tickets: £5 all night. Dress code: Terrifying AF.

RSVP Facebook event:

Buy tickets:

Venue: Komedia Brighton, 44-47 Gardner St, Brighton BN1 1UN

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Fight for Fabric

With today’s sad news of the closure of one of London’s longest standing nightclubs, at the hands of the establishment, we felt it necessary to say a few words.

If it wasn’t for Fabric this label wouldn’t exist and that is no exaggeration. Sitting here stunned today as we see a business that has motivated and created a community so strong and with a wealth of musical talent so vast you can’t help but question society. Lifestyle have a unique perspective in this, the founder being an ex-fabric employee, obviously we all are fanatical about electronic music with ’higher BPM’ and running a small record label. We represent a number of people affected by this decision. People who we have met over six years running this label, who inspired us to make a company, who worked late nights six days a week because that bass line would sound beyond mind-blowing on the room two speakers in Fabric.

OK world we don’t look clean cut, we don’t want to but you can’t blame us and say we are the reason for drug culture. Bullying an entertainment/art form out of existence will have no effect on people taking drugs. The reasons people take drugs cannot be pin pointed like that its far more complex. Fabric was the home of our music, closing it down will scatter these people to more dangerous unlicensed parties. It shatters all of the dreams of hundreds of thousands of people I have met through Fabric and who share our musical taste. Many people have made great careers on the back of Fabric and those people are calling out but it’s going to affect the little guy the most. The thousands of artists just on the cusp of making it and of course small labels like Lifestyle.

Our thoughts go out to all involved in the creation and day-to-day running of a nightclub that has inspired so many. We raise a glass to the owners, thank you. Fabric allowed us to dream that we could have a stable career in our passion and to have a hub to spread this knowledge for the new age of music. Fabric was the goal we worked towards and we are afraid now that the carnality for these genres of music will fade out, the sheer genius and development displayed by producers will not be incentivised. On a personal basis we will sorely miss the social aspect, our lives will not have the colour it had due to the variance of people you could meet at Fabric.

Drum and Bass is in our soul, Fabric is in our hearts and nothing can stop the passion already created. The best we can do moving forward as members of the dance music scene is to fight on, fight for Fabric.

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Revaux – Frostbite EP

Our latest insignia, Revaux, debut their wares on Lifestyle Music with the demonstrably cold Frostbite EP. Released today (1st July 2016) as a Bandcamp and label store exclusive, you can cop the bossy three-tracker before its worldwide release next week, on 8th July.

Brothers Ru and Joe Revaux hail from London and Leeds respectively, and have been making some serious noise for the past couple of years. Scaling the ranks with their ice sharp soundscapes and glacier clear production tekkers; the newcomers have amassed an avalanche of hype in the lead-up to the release of this sonically coherent EP, premiering on lofty bass outlets Skankandbass, Data Transmission, and Drum&Bass Arena.

Here at Lifestyle, we’re stoked to offer a platform to this impressively imminent duo…

Kicking down the door with the infectious minimal roller ‘Head First’; this mathy, groove-laden stepper calls to mind the finesse and execution of producers way beyond their years. Title track ‘Frostbite’ rolls out the liquid pads and chilling vocal licks, whilst a tightly wound two-step beat and fiercely spasmodic bassline bellows and growls as this full-bodied track comes into its own. And by no means least, ultimate track ’Stand Off’ is the aural equivalent of somebody sawing off your nose and making you eat it. This in-your-face pressure-cooker of a track pulls zero punches as it plunges you into a shit storm of twisted grooves, menacing saw bass and unrelenting pressure – Perfect for the dance.

Frostbite EP is available NOW on the Lifestyle Music Bandcamp and store!

And, to get you pumped for the weekend, here’s the choc-fulla-newness Lifestyle Podcast 043…

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MixCast : Arkitech “60-Minute Mix”

Fresh off the back of a slamming free track release with ‘Convulsion’ last week, the Lifestyle Music mavericks fill us in on what they’re all about with a rolling 60-minute mix…
Residing in Brighton and Cambridge (UK), Arkitech have been spinning Drum & Bass for the past four years; holding down regular spots in the lively Brighton DJ scene.
Biting the bullet two years ago, the tight-knit duo began to lay down their affinity for robust, forward-thinking 170 in the studio, and here at Lifestyle, we’re all ears
Kick back and vibe out to our latest MixCast that truly showcases their raucous DJ style with a hand-picked and hearty selection of raw and twisted rollers that just don’t let up.

Arkitech – Hold Up (0.00)
PRTCL – Surface Noise (Drum Machine VIP) (3.01)
Transparent – Concrete Jungle (5.34)
PRTCL – Recall (8.29)
Helix – Detonate feat. MCXL (11.24)
Revaux – Stand Off (14.40)
Arkitech – Convulsion (16.30)
Signal – Indirect VIP (18.41)
Alix Perez & Zero T – Ladders (21.13)
DRS – Bun Ya Too feat. Marcus Intalex, Chimpo, Fox, Rolla, Skittles & Strategy (Enei Remix) (23.03)
Bredren – Red Powder (25.36)
Skeptical – Loophole (28.53)
Alix Perez & Skeptical – Elephant Dreams (32.10)
Acid Lab – Tundra (35.26)
Handra & Mortem – Eyes On You (38.21)
Nickbee – Resistance (42.22)
Survey – You Wonder (45.17)
Alix Perez – Had I known (48.12)
Escape – MT (51.29)

Be sure to cop Arkitech’s free track ‘Convulsion’, available now via the Lifestyle Music Bandcamp.

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Lifestyle Podcast 042

We’re back for a very rainy 1st of June! Summer? What Summer? Anyway, we’ve got some pretty powerful tracks both forthcoming and recently released – alongside of course some classics. First thing to mention is a new release in our freebie series with ‘Arkitech – Convulsion’. This Brighton duo are joining Lifestyle and with a storm too, make sure to pick this up either here or through our Bandcamp page. Don’t forget that we have the Revaux release ‘Frostbite EP’ scheduled for July release, sneak peak inside! Including artist such as Aphordite, Lockjaw, Inward, Hanzo & Randie, Nickbee, Revaux, Amoss, Lynx, Bowsar, Benny L, High Maintenance and Impish to name but a few…

Hosted by Catharsis and Piper

Arkitech – Convulsion (00:00)
Lockjaw – Two Suns (02:12)
Cause4Concern – Gas Chamber (Inward, Hanzo & Randie Remix) (04:24)
Machine Code – The Germ (06:37)
Nickbee – Resistance (09:11)
Revaux – Stand Off (11:02)
Freqax – Dark Times (12:30)
Mayhem & Logam – Centuria (Amoss Remix) (14:20)
Lynx – Ruffneck Sound (16:33)
Cruk – Dum (19:07)
A-Cray – Rage Quit (21:20)
Benny L – Appleroids (23:32)
Bowsar – Hemisphere (25:00)
L 33 – Zealot (26:51)
Serum & Voltage – Break It Down (29:25)
Optiv and CZA – Sub Surface (31:37)
Lockjaw – Idol (Euph Remix) (33:50)
Skittles & Mr Song – Propatop (36:13)
Disprove, Signal & Audeka – Ritual (37:53)
VROMM – Lake Monsters (39:43)
Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Rise of the Black Panther (41:31)
FONO – Real Joy (TC Bootleg) (43:02)
Lynx feat. Tali – Out Of Control (44:41)
Drumcatcher – 8th Avenue (46:20)
Alibi – Fire feat. Charli Brix (48:00)
Impish – All Right (50:23)
Disco’s Over – Reflections feat. Lokka Vox (High Maintenance Remix) (52:46)
Aphrodite – Stalker (57:00)

Tune of the Month – Bowsar – Hemisphere

Artist of the Month – Lynx

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Lifestyle Podcast 041

Back for another monthly podcast and following suite by delivering it to you on the 1st of the month! We plan to continue this trend for the remainder of the year. Many special forthcoming bits of Drum and Bass here alongside some classics from last year and beyond. Including the likes of Synth Ethics, Signal, SpectraSoul, Proxima, Lockjaw, Segment, Concept Vision, Volatile Cycle, Yen, Hypoxia, HYQXYZ, Shyun and The Clamps to name a view. Tracklisting inside so give it a blast!

Hosted by Catharsis & Piper

Segment & Concept Vision – Charge (00:00)
Synth Ethics – Flexbox (02:12)
Proxima – Ruff Scuff (04:24)
SpectraSoul – Four Points ft. Kenny Knots (2016 VIP) (06:59)
Kung – You Should (09:11)
The Clamps – S & A (11:02)
Hypoxia & HYQXYZ – Ripgroove (13:36)
James Marvel ft. MC Mota – Trump (15:48)
Twisted Individual – Wobble By Nature (18:01)
NC-17 & QO – We Rollin (Mindscape Remix) (19:51)
Revaux – Head First (21:42)
M Set – All Consuming Fear (Amoss Remix) (23:54)
Impak – Bleeps (Shyun Remix) (26:69)
Lockjaw – Cells (28:19)
Signal & Disprove – Vanguard (31:15)
Philth, Kolectiv & Bredren – Sphere of Influence (33:50)
Sulex – Hypnox (36:02)
L-Side – Killer Transmissions feat. TRAC (39:21)
Impish & Meta – Keep Warm (41:11)
Emphasis & Unvariable – Fragile (43:02)
Bert H & High N Sick – Find Me (45:36)
Logistics – Together (47:48)
Y2D – Old Crook (50:45)
Version – Sleepless (52:36)
Volatile Cycle & Yen – Forgotten Future (57:00)

Artist of the Month – Proxima

Tune of the Month – James Marvel ft. MC Mota – Trump

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Lifestyle Podcast 040

Hi all, back again with our 40th Lifestyle show! and on the 1st of the month wouldn’t you know. This month we have a very special selection of the finest Drum and Bass out now and forthcoming from far and wide. Kicking off with a rather extreme track from Gydra flowing into masterpieces from the likes of High Maintenance, Signs, KLAX, Kiril, Logan D & Dominator, Optiv & BTK, Instinkt, Ill Truth, Agressor Bunx, Okuli, Revaux, Prolix, Signal and Sustance to name a few. Enjoy! We’ll be back next month (hopefully)

Hosted by Catharsis and Piper

Gydra – Insurrection (00:00)
High Maintenance – Soundwave Therapy (ft. Kerizma) (02:33)
Signs – Obsession (04:23)
KLAX – Hotline (06:35)
Kiril – Bring The Bass (08:24)
Logan D & Dominator – Jump (Serum & Voltage Remix) (10:37)
Optiv and BTK – Insight (Segment & Concept Vision Remix) (13:10)
Ill Truth – Hivemind (15:00)
Instinkt & Isee – Iskaru (17:10)
Prolix & Sustance – Patriot (19:01)
Agressor Bunx – Elephant (21:12)
Okuli – Shift Grip (22:40)
Revaux – Simple (25:36)
Eastcolors & Mailky – Bounce (27:04)
Bl4ck Owlz – Pill Machine (30:21)
Survey – Vibe Out (32:11)
TC feat. Jakes – Rep (Qbig and Zenith B Remix) (35:06)
Inertia & Clima – Black Monolith (37:18)
Signal – Blindfolded (39:30)
Bladerunner – The Storm (41:42)
Lockjaw – Cold In The Middle (43:53)
AudioSketch feat. Surplus – Leave It All Behind (Villem & Mcleod Remix) (46:49)
Jhene Aiko – The Worst (Lenzman Bootleg) (48:16)
Revaux – Frostbite (51:12)
MissDefiant – Venus & Mars (Morah Remix) (53:45)
A.S.K – Ups and Downs (56:19)

Tune of the Month – Signal – Blindfolded
Artist of the Month – Revaux

1 April 2016 News Read more

Signal – Indirect/In Motion

Signal chiming in on Lifestyle with these two absolutely incredible productions. The young Dutch producer is truly making a name for himself right now, having ended 2015 high up in the ranks he seems to be pushing even higher for 2016. Having released on high caliber labels such as Invisible, Renegade Hardware, Critical Music and Mindtech Recordings to name but a few you can see that the road is paved in gold for this unique composer. Click read more to listen in…

Lifestyle Music – Cat #: LFS053


Beatport exc: 11/01/2016

Release date: 25/01/2016

Press Release

1. Signal – Indirect

2. Signal – In Motion

Lifestyle Music has always had the power to lift its listeners and raise its game. On its 53rd release, the London-based label welcomes the phenomenal Signal, to do both those things and more.

During a career which has lasted less than a year, the young producer has rewritten the rule book as far as drum & bass goes. With releases on steller imprints such as Critical Music, Invisible Recordings and Renegade Hardware, he has won acclaim from across the board, from musicians and fans alike. Now turning to Lifestyle, he comes with Indirect and In Motion, two tracks which will further cement his ability, his vision and his music.

Indirect is everything you could hope for and more. From its ominous, creeping intro, Signal sets the scene. Drawing together both the electronic and the ambient, the producer injects his signature sound with enough room for expansion and growth. Things drop down into a harsh, minimal state, with pounding beats and sharp edges of ice and steel. You’ll be brought right into Signal’s world, never to escape. Samples complete the picture, as Indirect builds, taking a wide-angle lens to the past and the future.

In Motion, though, is darker, deeper still. Using headnodding drums, Signal sets the mood early, so get ready. Building things up slowly, he is simply laying the ground for the drop. Be sure to listen closely, there is more here than you can imagine. The main elements on display are a bouncing bassline and insistent beats, but as on Indirect, the producer is creating whole worlds here. Able to draw from his influences whilst still sounding unique, Signal will be a force to be reckoned with in 2016. Slicing samples only add to things, as more elements are constantly revealed. New music for new minds in a new year, both Lifestyle and Signal are striving for something fresh, and very much achieve it on LFS053, Indirect / In Motion.

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