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Fight for Fabric

Fight for Fabric

With today’s sad news of the closure of one of London’s longest standing nightclubs, at the hands of the establishment, we felt it necessary to say a few words.

If it wasn’t for Fabric this label wouldn’t exist and that is no exaggeration. Sitting here stunned today as we see a business that has motivated and created a community so strong and with a wealth of musical talent so vast you can’t help but question society. Lifestyle have a unique perspective in this, the founder being an ex-fabric employee, obviously we all are fanatical about electronic music with ’higher BPM’ and running a small record label. We represent a number of people affected by this decision. People who we have met over six years running this label, who inspired us to make a company, who worked late nights six days a week because that bass line would sound beyond mind-blowing on the room two speakers in Fabric.

OK world we don’t look clean cut, we don’t want to but you can’t blame us and say we are the reason for drug culture. Bullying an entertainment/art form out of existence will have no effect on people taking drugs. The reasons people take drugs cannot be pin pointed like that its far more complex. Fabric was the home of our music, closing it down will scatter these people to more dangerous unlicensed parties. It shatters all of the dreams of hundreds of thousands of people I have met through Fabric and who share our musical taste. Many people have made great careers on the back of Fabric and those people are calling out but it’s going to affect the little guy the most. The thousands of artists just on the cusp of making it and of course small labels like Lifestyle.

Our thoughts go out to all involved in the creation and day-to-day running of a nightclub that has inspired so many. We raise a glass to the owners, thank you. Fabric allowed us to dream that we could have a stable career in our passion and to have a hub to spread this knowledge for the new age of music. Fabric was the goal we worked towards and we are afraid now that the carnality for these genres of music will fade out, the sheer genius and development displayed by producers will not be incentivised. On a personal basis we will sorely miss the social aspect, our lives will not have the colour it had due to the variance of people you could meet at Fabric.

Drum and Bass is in our soul, Fabric is in our hearts and nothing can stop the passion already created. The best we can do moving forward as members of the dance music scene is to fight on, fight for Fabric.

7 September 2016 News