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A & P – Expanse EP

A & P – Expanse EP

Newcomers Aboriginal & Phonic explode onto the scene with their debut Expanse EP, out this spring on Lifestyle Music. This EP sees the young London lads serve up four slices of sophisticated steppers, with a sound mature and refined for producers so new to the game. Showcasing deep and rich low end, hard-hitting kicks, tight snares and percussion, this release is one for the tech heads, and sure to thrust A+P into the dnb spotlight.

Long-time mates, Kish and Sean have (unbelievably) only been producing drum & bass for a year together, but the sounds speak for themselves, and are sure to bolster arsenals and destroy dancefloors with immediate effect.

Nestled at the end of the EP is a four-way collab between A+P and two other up and coming producers making big waves themselves, Klinical and Objectiv. The result is colossal, nothing less than expected from the future of UK drum and bass all on one tune!

Expanse is not a release to be missed, and it’s sure to find a home in any serious DJ’s USB.

Get it here.

20 March 2018 News