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Lifestyle Podcast 041

Back for another monthly podcast and following suite by delivering it to you on the 1st of the month! We plan to continue this trend for the remainder of the year. Many special forthcoming bits of Drum and Bass here alongside some classics from last year and beyond. Including the likes of Synth Ethics, Signal, SpectraSoul, Proxima, Lockjaw, Segment, Concept Vision, Volatile Cycle, Yen, Hypoxia, HYQXYZ, Shyun and The Clamps to name a view. Tracklisting inside so give it a blast!

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Lifestyle Podcast 040

Hi all, back again with our 40th Lifestyle show! and on the 1st of the month wouldn’t you know. This month we have a very special selection of the finest Drum and Bass out now and forthcoming from far and wide. Kicking off with a rather extreme track from Gydra flowing into masterpieces from the likes of High Maintenance, Signs, KLAX, Kiril, Logan D & Dominator, Optiv & BTK, Instinkt, Ill Truth, Agressor Bunx, Okuli, Revaux, Prolix, Signal and Sustance to name a few. Enjoy! We’ll be back next month (hopefully)

1 April 2016 News Read more

Signal – Indirect/In Motion

Signal chiming in on Lifestyle with these two absolutely incredible productions. The young Dutch producer is truly making a name for himself right now, having ended 2015 high up in the ranks he seems to be pushing even higher for 2016. Having released on high caliber labels such as Invisible, Renegade Hardware, Critical Music and Mindtech Recordings to name but a few you can see that the road is paved in gold for this unique composer. Click read more to listen in…

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Lifestyle Podcast 039

Happy new year one and all, Lifestyle are back on track with the Podcast series. Coming in strong with the forthcoming release from an artist truly making a name for himself within the world of Drum and Bass – Signal. This dutch artists will be releasing a single with Lifestyle tomorrow on Monday 11th January via Beatport exclusive, the full release will be available on Monday 25th January. Tune in for music from the likes of QBig & Zenith B, Signal, Intinkt, The Clamps, Datr3ndz, Gran Calavera, Agressor Bunx, Trilo & Artifact, The Untouchable, Was a be, Voltage, Break, Klax, Impish, Despicable Youth to name a few…

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Lifestyle Podcast 038

It’s here, and we’re back. So sorry for the silence over the past few months so we are playing catch up with a new installation of our Podcast series. This time we have an eclectic mix of Drum and Bass both released over the past few months and forthcoming. Tune in for music from the likes of Instinkt, Current Value, Fade, Maztek, Icicle, Hypoxia, Ekko & Sidetrack, Break, Taelimb, Conscience, Signal, Sensus, Subcorp., Fre4knc, Rido, Chook, Macca, Gamma, Impish and many more!

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Lifestyle Podcast 037 feat. Lockjaw

The day after the Lifestyle Brighton event Lockjaw decided to pop in and give us a few exclusive bits of his material for you to listen to, alongside a few of this months special subjects. Featuring music from the likes of Signal, Icicle, Phase, A.M.C, MachineCode, Neve, Bow, Amoss, Signs, Dexcell and a whole lot of Lockjaw

1 August 2015 News Read more

MixCast : Despicable Youth

The Bristol boys ‘Despicable Youth’ are coming to Lifestyle Brighton to perform at Komedia next week! They have pieced together this 30 minute mix to give you a taste of what’s to come. For more information on our events check the events tab, this will be on the night of Friday 24th July, be there as it’s something special, they’re playing alongside Lockjaw, Phase and Catharsis…

15 July 2015 News Read more

Lifestyle Podcast 036 – Flashback Special

Pinch, Punch, it’s the first of the month! Back for another edition of the Lifestyle Podcast. This time we have a mixture of material, some of the latest exclusive yet to hit the stores, music from the new Lifestyle artist announcements and a view to the past of the label with tracks from the likes of Lockjaw, Y2D, Thing, Macca, Hosta and your very own Catharsis. Alongside mighty productions from the likes of PRTCL, Calyx and Teebee, Coppa, Heamy and many more.

1 July 2015 News Read more

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