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Artist Announcement : Despicable Youth

Introducing Despicable Youth, this duo will be joining Lifestyle for the forseeable future and are definitely one to watch. Despicable Youth is formed of 2 spritely young lads from Bristol that dabble in all areas of drum and bass. Typically known for their darker soundscapes and rolling drums these two are currently coming up in the UK ranks. Other than Lifestyle Music they have releases with Lockdown Recordings, AFT Records & Hospital Records. They also work closely with Liquifyah, read more about them on their artist page here

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Artist Announcement : Instinkt

We are very happy to announce another artist signing to Lifestyle Music, Instinkt a duo from Germany have decided to join the ranks with our label and deliver expert production through their unique and powerful Drum and Bass wall of sound. Since featuring on our compilation LP “L” with their track ‘Plymouth’ we engaged further with the production duo and have agreed that there is some very special music in the pipeline from these artists. Click here to see one half of Instinkt (the other half is camera shy), to hear their music and follow them on social media.

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MixCast : Lockjaw “30-Minute Mix”

It’s the middle of June! and in light of our forthcoming Brighton event on Friday 24th July at Komedia, Lockjaw has pieced together a few of his current favourites for you to blast out through your speakers. Featuring material from the likes of Noisia, Emporer, Current Value, Posij, Fre4knc, Signal, Alix Perez, Ulterior Motive and much more. Read more and tune in to his 30-minute mix…

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Artist Announcement : Sensus

We are very pleased to announce that Sensus, who transpired to be the winner of our remix competition with his remix of Lockjaw – Idol, has joined Lifestyle Music for the foreseeable future and you should expect to see and hear more from him as an artist. Sensus is from Toronto in Canada and is already working on putting together an EP of his material for you to enjoy following on from his highly successful and powerful remix. Click here to see the man behind the magic, hear the remix and view his artist page.

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Lifestyle Podcast 35

Pinch Punch, it’s the first of the month. Time for our 35th podcast, this time featuring the remaining tracks to air from our latest compilation release “L” and a range of exclusive and released material that we felt would suit your ears. Featuring the likes of Lockjaw, AKOV, A.S.K, Current Value, Tantrum Desire, KELA, Artifact, Signal, Altered Perception, Quantum Mechanix, Phase, PRTCL, Dominator, Logan D, Co:Lateral, Resonate, Medio and more. Click ‘read more’ to tune in.

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“L” Compilation

We are pleased to announce that we have released our annual LP “L” featuring who we feel to hold a sound close to our hearts, with artists such as Catharsis, KELA, Lockjaw, A.S.K, Despicable Youth, Jazzatron, Taelimb, Instinkt and SubCorp taking part. We would also like to extend our congratulations to Dan Brennan A.K.A Sensus for winning the competition and having his remix placed neatly within the vault of this LP. To purchase the release just click here

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MixCast : A.S.K “40-Minute Mix”

Following on from the event, Arun Kullar AKA A.S.K pieced together this 40 minute mix featuring a few tracks from the forthcoming “L” compilation LP. Arun made his way down to our Lifestyle Brighton Launch event and it was great to meet him, I’m sure he will be down again soon so keep your eyes peeled for our next event on Friday 24th July. This one features Despicable Youth, Mefjus & Kasra, Dub Phizix, Jazzatron, Bredren, Arkaik, Octane, DLR, Break, KELA, Emperor, DC Breaks, Dimension, Instinkt, Hamilton, SubCorp., Catharsis, QO, Mindscape, Enei & Eastcolors, Lockjaw and Taelimb to finish. Click ‘Read More’ to tune in…

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Lifestyle Podcast 34

Pinch Punch, it’s the first of the month and time for yet another Lifestyle Podcast. This time Catharsis & Piper present to you their latest finds in Drum and Bass, alongside forthcoming tracks on Lifestyle soon to be release as part of our compilation LP “L.” Featuring the likes of KELA, Matrix & Futurebound, Kronology & Divine Elements, Bluescreens, Techture, Jazzatron, Octane, DLR, Break, SIGNS, Lockjaw, Sensus, Genetix & OSLO, Seibel, Rune, Kaiza, Despicable Youth, Pennygiles, Taelimb, Gran Calavera, Catharsis, Survey, Instinkt and many more. Click ‘Read More’ to tune in.

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