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nerv – Malum

nerv released this fantastic 4-track EP to you earlier this week, read more for a detailed description of what you will find within.  Amazing production here from our local Brighton talent, make some noise for this guy. Keep eyes posted to the board too as he’s set to kick off Lifestyle Brighton on Saturday 9th  May!

26 February 2015 News Read more

LFSFREE010 – A.S.K – Solace/Anex

To celebrate the launch of the Lifestyle Music website, A.S.K also known as Arun Kullar from Birmingham has offered you this fantastic two track EP for free! If you haven’t been prompted already by our pop up you can obtain this freebie by subscribing to the Lifestyle Music newsletter and we will send you a link to the download, if the pop up isn’t appearing you may need to restart your browser.

23 February 2015 News Read more

Lifestyle Lockjaw Remix Competition

It has been some time now since Lifestyle offered up one of their most popular hits to be dissected, evolved and revised by the budding drum & bass producers of the world today, but Lockjaw has insisted that you have your say in his masterpiece, Idol.

13 February 2015 News Read more

Lifestyle 50th Release

Over the five years that Lifestyle has been delivering top quality, original and innovative drum & bass, we have progressed into the forefront of the underground scene. Other artists since joining the label have moved on to greater achievements such as Conduct’s recent album deal with Blu Mar Ten Music and Lockjaw’s ‘Pillars of Creation’ release with Dispatch Recordings.

13 February 2015 News Read more

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