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CULT001 – M-zine & Scepticz

CULT001 – M-zine & Scepticz

Label: Lifestyle Music

Release date: Monday 12th February

Catalog number: CULT001

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M-zine, Scepticz and Solace
M-zine & Scepticz
M-zine & Scepticz

One of our most exciting and enterprising projects to date, Lifestyle is very pleased to present…

2017 was a formative year for Lifestyle, our reach as a label grew massively, and we had some absolutely stellar releases of the highest quality drum & bass. Through this, we’ve settled onto a ‘sound’ that has been fairly consistent throughout our recent catalogue…


It was not always this way, the root of our label actually has a much more family-friendly vibe, with the initial output edging more towards liquid and the roller side of the drum & bass spectrum. Which is why we are really happy to be able announce our new project CULTURE.

CULTURE is going to be a label series through Lifestyle, exhibiting the same high-quality, forward thinking drum & bass, but pushing the more melodic based, liquid, musical and experimental sounds of our genre.

As we all know, drum & bass is a huge scene that’s growing every day. New sounds are being crafted all the time, and although neurofunk and tech is our native tongue, as dnb fans we play tunes that span the range of the scene, and artists that reach the depths of 170bpm+ music.

This is why we’re so excited for Culture, and to put our imprint on some new sounds, outside of our typical working. We’re looking forward to opening our work up to new producers and DJs from other areas of dnb, as well as pushing different styles from creators we’re already feeling.

CULTURE launches on the 12th February with CULT001. A huge release by our boys over in Belgium, M-zine & Scepticz, featuring fellow Belgian young gun Solace. The EP contains three big tracks, displaying the range of their talents as they flow effortlessly between dark vibey steppers, to piano-laden reese movements and snare-less breaks. A highly versatile set that we’re really proud of, conjuring up all sorts of emotions and moods upon hearing, that is sure to put a twist into your sets and nights and set the bar going forward for this series.

Get it while it’s hot..