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Revaux ft. Charli Brix – Colours/Trainwreck

Revaux ft. Charli Brix – Colours/Trainwreck

Label: Lifestyle Music

Release date: Monday 8th January

Catalog number: LFS071


Revaux ft. Charli Brix

Lifestyle Music resume their mission to deliver more quality music, now with the labels first release of 2018 from rising names in the scene Revaux, with the title track ‘Colours’ featuring another ascending starlet, Charli Brix.

Colours itself has been a while in the works, but Revaux and Charli have well and truly out done themselves on this track, and as label, we couldn’t want to kick off the year in better way. With a strong message to boot, we don’t think this one will be fading away anytime soon.

Revaux then went in on the flip ‘Trainwreck’, rolling out a bad boy smasher to really complete the release. We feel the Leeds brothers Joe and Ru are properly showcasing their potential with this single, and we’re seriously proud to be able to put this one out for them.